Action plan for committee of scientific Research1440-41


The progress in scientific research is the mirror of the educational institution’s development. Our need for studies and research increases day after day, as the world is in a frantic race to obtain the largest possible amount of accurate knowledge derived from the sciences that guarantee the comfort and well-being of the human being and guarantee him superiority over others. The primary function of scientific research is to advance knowledge for the sake of man, his security and his well-being

Scientific research, with its methods and procedures, is necessary in any field of knowledge. Familiarity with the various scientific research methods and the rules to be followed, starting from defining the problem of scientific research and describing it procedurally, through choosing a specific methodology for collecting data related to it and ending with analyzing data and drawing conclusions, are important matters in all theoretical and applied sciences

The methodology of scientific research and the methods of carrying it out have become a reality in academic institutions and research centers, in addition to the widespread use of them in addressing problems facing public and private institutions alike. And in application of the scientific research methodology, we have prepared this plan for the academic year 1440-1441 to raise the performance of scientific research for students and faculty members of the college.

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